Jieh Jia ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd

Jieh Jia ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd was established in 1991. The initial struggle was to invest in the industry as a manufacturer, helping many international brands to perform OEM parts. With the rich social living environment, people's dependence on transportation is increasing day by day. Due to With years of experience and knowledge accumulated in the past, I gradually realized in the balance point of air filter (kit) and engine performance that only focusing on the production of other people's products will not let more people know about SIMOTA, so in this original intention Then, the brand "SIMOTA" was born.



Simota Racing Sports

We focus on the two links of R&D and innovation. We have established a research unit based on our understanding of air filter (kit) and engine performance. In addition to making good use of our own advantages, we can also combine the best of this industry British, to provide more fine-line, high-quality products to domestic consumers, and even global consumers. At present, we are concentrating on original replacement air filters and air collection retrofit kits. Since the launch, the performance of the series of products has won the support and favor of consumers. The brand "SIMOTA" has gradually opened up international popularity. At present, our products are spread all over the world in Europe, Asia, Oceania, America, and even in the Middle East, and the territory of "SIMOTA" is gradually expanding. There are already 15 agents all over the world operating the SIMOTA brand. This is the guarantee of quality and trust. A win-win situation is our pride.

Simota Racing Sports

In order to maintain a high level of product quality, we specially ordered a horsepower testing machine from Germany - MAHA LPS3000, which is recognized as a highly professional and accurate horsepower tester in the industry. Through the contribution of this instrument, the research team finds the most beautiful among the products. The power curve ensures that each series of products can ensure high-performance product characteristics when they are launched, and meet the different needs of each consumer. The complete product line provides different consumer product choices for locomotives and automobiles: from original factory replacement air filters to carbon fiber modified power kits, to air intake power systems with complicated manufacturing procedures and higher precision requirements, not only provides The high-quality standard and the gene of motorsports are injected into each product, which makes consumers who are keen on racing activities happy.