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1Take the air filter out from the intake box.
2Use the compressed air to remove the dirt from the other side of dirty side.

3Apply SIMOA cleaner onto both sides evenly. (CAUTION: THE USE OF ANY OTHER CLEANING SOLUTION OR METHOD COULD DAMAGE THE FILTER! i.e. use of water, steam, or chemicals, gasoline, transmission fluid, motor oil, lightweight oil, or diesel fuel not specifically designed to clean non-woven material air filters )

4Allow cleaner to soak into both sides of air filer for 10 minutes; afterward use the compressed air to remove dirt and cleaner. (Repeat step 3 and step 4 until all spots of dirt are cleaned.)
5Let the air filter dry naturally or use the compressed air to dry it.(CAUTION: OTHER DRYING METHOD COULD DAMAGE THE FILTER!)

6Apply proper amount of SIMOTA air filter cleaning oil evenly onto the dirt side of air filter only.(CAUTION: DO NOT OVER OIL AIR FILTER! OVER- OILING MAY INTERFERE THE PERFORMANCE OF ENGINE.)

7Reinstall the air filter back to intake box; make sure that the intake box is securely fastened.

8Service the air filter at least every 5,000Km to maintain optimum performance. We recommend the air filter to be serviced more often after off-road and high speed riding. Always inspect your air filter whenever you change your oil.

‧SIMOTA Products Warranty

SIMOTA will replace the air filter and air intake system which purchased from Authorized Dealers, if one of these products ever fails to provide complete satisfaction.

Any SIMOTA product used for:
1.Any kind of racing or competition
2.Any off-road usage, custom or modified applications
3.Any off-road or dual sport motorcycle/ ATV use
4.Any illegal highway usage, marine, or industrial applications.

SIMOTA air filters should be cleaned every 5,000 KM for normal on-road usage, more often in dusty conditions. Cleaning should be done with SIMOTA cleaner and air filter oil (or comparable air filters cleaner and oil). Use of water, steam, or chemicals not specifically designed to clean non-woven material air filters (i.e. gasoline, transmission fluid, motor oil, lightweight oil, or diesel fuel) will void the warranty. Any damaged, abused or modified SIMOTA air filters will not be warranted.

Any SIMOTA product returned to SIMOTA will need a Return Goods Authorization number and must be sent at customers' expense along with proof of purchase. Please find us at

Any defective SIMOTA air filter properly returned to SIMOTA will be replaced. SIMOTA reserves the right to determine whether the terms of the warranty, set out above, have been properly complied with. In the event that the terms are not complied with, SIMOTA shall be under no obligation to honor this warranty. SIMOTA will not be responsible for any indirect, consequential, special, contingent, or other damages.